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Glassboxx Pricing


The Glassboxx Vendor pricing structure is the perfect model for all publishers, authors, distributors and retailers. Monthly costs are simply based on a sliding commission on your own digital sales (eBooks and audiobooks) – with a minimum monthly cost of £50. (and a gratis fulfilment cost: £0.20/title)

So the more sales you make, the greater margins you make on each sale.

Monthly Sales Vendor Commission Vendor+ Commission
£0 – £2000 20% on total monthly sales
(min charge £50)
20% flat fee
£2000 – £5000 18% on total monthly sales
> £5000 16% on total monthly sales

Fair Pricing Policy

We’re here to encourage direct selling. We don’t want to throw unnecessary hurdles in the way. With this in mind, if your sales for a given month fall into the lower commission bracket, Firsty will keep you on that bracket for a further three months, regardless of monthly figures.

For full details, take a look at our T’s and C’s.

And here’s the best part: we’re waiving all minimum monthly costs for the 1st year on signups before the end of March.

Storage Unlimited
Hosting Free
eBook fulfilment
Audiobook fulfilment
Glassboxx DRM
Onboarding assistance
ONIX ingestion
Manual data upload
Generic App (iOS, Android, Desktop)
End User App Support
Client Email Support Up to 2hrs/month free
Dedicated, branded apps On request

Vendor+ Pricing

20% commission across the board.