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About Firsty

At Firsty, we’ve been at the cutting edge of publishing for over 10 years. We’ve worked with publishers across the board on wholesale website developments, bespoke app projects, CMS upgrades and software-as-a-service solutions since day one – and we’re constantly innovating and breaking new ground within the industry.

Our central focus throughout has been the smooth fulfilment of content, whether physical or digital, to our client’s customers.

And yet whilst this central aim has certainly been achieved on the physical front, there has long been customer frustration around the fulfilment of eBook content: frustration stemming from the universally poor user experience associated with Adobe DRM.

The pages and pages devoted to ‘eBook FAQs’ across publisher and retail sites tell you all you need to know. This should be a simple process.

So there’s long been a need for something else. Something which provides similar levels of content protection – meeting publisher demands around content security – but simultaneously offers a vastly improved user experience for the paying customer.

Hence Glassboxx. A game-changing, frictionless, digital content fulfilment solution for eBooks and audiobooks, successfully merging the opposing demands of security and flexibility.

We hope you enjoy.