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Audiobooks and eBooks,
direct and protected

Glassboxx is a direct to consumer (D2C) solution designed to enable authors, publishers and retailers to sell their audiobooks – and eBooks – directly to the end customer, with full, flexible, frictionless Digital Rights Management.

Your customers can buy your digital content direct, read the eBooks, and listen to audiobooks – completely securely with content totally protected, within a single native app on iOS, Android and desktop, and without the problems of other DRM offerings.

Glassboxx player and reader

Features of the Glassboxx app

The app securely houses all digital content purchased by the customer, and clearly displays each format within their library.

Direct audiobook sales

Direct eBook sales

Frictionless DRM – with total security

Sell. Rent. Share.



Surface content in a single, multi-purpose app: across iOS, Android and desktop.

Leverage existing eCommerce functionality… (Vendor)

…or bolt on the payment engine. (Vendor+)

Simple set-up



The benefits of Glassboxx

Additional route

An additional route to market

Digital content sales are restricted to fewer channels. Adding your own increases your organic search visibility.

Ownership of the data

Ownership of the data

Gain insights into customer behaviour /purchase patterns – as opposed to giving it all away.

Total scalability

Total scalability

Grow your list with ease, at no additional up-front cost.

Improved unit margins

Improved Unit Margins

Generate a significantly enhanced return on sales.

Freedom to send

Freedom to send out gratis – with complete security

Simple fulfilment of free audio /eBook in bulk or on an individual basis.

Brand enhancement

Brand enhancement

Through a dedicated app surfacing your digital content.